Facility Agriculture: Development of Green Power FacilityDepartment of Materials Science Engineering / Song, Jenn-Ming / Professor
論文篇名 英文:Hydrophilic Nanoporous Copper Surface Prepared by Modified Formic Acid Vapor Treatment
發表年份,卷數,起迄頁數 2022, 28, 101620
作者 Chan, Lap-Hong; Yasuda, Kiyokazu; Song, Jenn-Ming(宋振銘)*; Suga, Tadatomo
DOI 10.1016/j.surfin.2021.101620
中文摘要 本研究開發以白金催化甲酸氣氛進行銅表面親水化處理,水接觸角可降至低於18o,包括預先氧化以及200 oC低溫還原。此具高深寬比奈米多孔結構銅表面成因與還原反應中CO2生成有關,可應用於平面熱管等散熱元件等工業用途。
英文摘要 Hydrophilic copper surface with average water contact angle down to 18o can be developed through pre-oxidation and low-temperature reduction treatment using Pt-catalyzed formic acid vapor at 200oC. The high aspect ratio capillary nanoporous structures of reduced pure copper effectively enhance the hydrophilicity, which is almost the same as hydrophilic oxidized surface with a mixture of CuO and Cu2O. Real-time Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy was employed to monitor the reduction kinetics of the oxidized copper surface. The effect of formic acid vapor concentration was studied and the comparison with N2-5%H2 gas was also done. The porosity of reduced copper can be ascribed to CO2 outgassing from formate dissociation. The great potential in industrial applications such as flat-plate heat pipes with narrow slots was also demonstrated.
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